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  • You can cool your jets by flying through a waterfall, but the spray at the lip also counts for the instant cool
  • Skim over rivers to stretch your flight time.
  • The tanky Collossus is one of the more fun and more difficult Javs to use because it doesn't have an over shield. Therefore I recommend taking an interceptor or ranger as your first pick since they are very straightforward and the second pick comes quickly.
  • Blue ammo pickups refill your ammo and instantly reload your gun.
  • Your Ultimate fully heals you and recharges your shield, and you're invulnerable while using it.
  • Click on the far right side of a material in the appearance menu to select colors.
  • the Tomb Trials are currently kept under the "challenges" tab, not the journal. Also, don't glance at the Trials and give up, even though they seem like a lot. Running a few quests should fill those bars quickly because they are focused on key gameplay features. Only the open world stuff is a bit of a hassle.
  • Components come in "Universal" and Jav-specific versions. The specialized versions are almost always better.
  • Abilities recharge very quickly so use them freely.
  • Your crafting blueprints improve in rarity as you use the item they represent.
  • You are probably fine doing Hard quests with whatever gear you picked up along the way, but Hard Strongholds are their own class and require better gear.