Brave Fencer Musashi

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- Do not take the Legendary Quilt.

- The game is pretty much almost entirely jumping puzzles.

- Press START to see a hint as to how to advance the story.

- When in doubt, absorb a nearby enemy's ability. That solves almost any problem that can't be solved by Muashi's basic skills.

- Once you activate that Wind Crest in Chapter 6, you can't go back for the rest of the game.

- Once you get the rocksalt, go to the huge slug-rock in Somnolent forest.

- In the Frozen Palace, there's a big, burly enemy called a SlowGuy. Let him grab you and throw you; this will advance you further.

- After your second trip through Steamwood, go to the Grillin' Reservoir and look for a Fire Crest.

- After you get the Wind Scroll, go up to the Gondola Station.