Far Cry 5

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  • Outside of 1-point perks, you should prioritize abilities that unlock new challenges, such as the takedown expert perk. The extra skin from animals, for extra-money, is also best gotten early. The extra follower perk is also really useful and fun. Don't dismiss the Black Market perk, there's a lot of cool shit in there. I would also personally choose between the torch and the lockpick perks, because there's a bit of overlap, and what you really want them for is opening safes.
  • I personally found the wingsuit to not be as useful as in Far Cry 4, so don't necessarily rush for that perk.
  • There's no reason to not put a silencer on everything.
  • Don't forget to craft and use homeopathics, which help immensely, especially when hunting.
  • Fishing is cool.
  • After getting a new resistance level, you'll get a message that says "You're being hunted" or "You've been blessed", which means that you're being followed by a cutscene. There's nothing you can do to avoid it, so don't start anything too fancy until you're through.