Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

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  • Because your unused characters get some AP after every battle, it's almost always beneficial to have a slightly larger roster than you might be used to with other FFT-alikes, as it will open up classes more quickly and give you better flexibility to deal with different battle conditions.
  • A large roster is also helpful with how Injuries work. If you have a character fall in battle, they will become Injured, which gives them a stat penalty until they heal, and they can't heal until they sit out a battle. On higher difficulties, Injuries can stack and even become permanent. It's never a bad idea to have three or four characters on the bench, ready to go, in case you have a handful of your team knocked out in a battle.
  • Keeping your levels on pace with the story missions is important, but the battles are a lot more reliant on you having a strong strategy and a good mix of classes that will deal with any stage's particular challenges. Don't discount buffs and debuffs, they don't last long but they can save your hide.
  • Poison effects show up early and stick around for a bit, and the continuous damage can be punishing. Healing it quickly, prioritizing taking out enemies that poison you, and equipping poison-resistant accessories will all help with some tough early-game battles.
  • The storyline characters in your roster are good, and should be used in Patrol battles if/when you're leveling up, as they'll be required characters in a lot of battles. That said, for various story-related reasons, you may not want to hinge your entire battle strategy around them or specific class builds for them.
  • Magic resistances and weaknesses can contribute to a huge difference in how much damage your spells do, it pays to keep an eye on them when choosing your roster for any given battle.
  • Ranged weapons and attacks do not use line of sight, so you can safely shoot "through" your own teammates and obstacles.