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  • On the basic sphere grid most characters have a fairly set path along the sphere grid for the first half of the game at least.
  • If you reach a point where you run out of a type of sphere, don't have your characters just skip past the nodes without activating them, you lose nothing by just sitting there and stocking sphere levels until you actually get some of the right kind of sphere, which shouldn't take too long.
  • Basically the less you have to backtrack along the sphere grid the better, and remember that you can activate sphere nodes next to the one you're on, you don't have to be on top of the node.
  • When doing the temples, take the time to find/use the destruction sphere and get the appropriate treasure. If you do this in all of the temples, you can get an additional summon in a temple that's hidden on the world map. Besides, it's a pain to go back into the temples later, so just grit your teeth and do it the first time.
  • Once you get it, abuse Quick Strike.
  • Catch all of the monsters in the cave south of the arena. You can use him to abuse the AP system.
  • Getting Tidus' final weapon is not difficult. Get in front of the chocobo racer and try to nab as many balloons as you can, but don't go out of your way. Its more important to avoid the birds than to grab balloons.
  • Wear boxing gloves while doing the chocobo race. This will make it more difficult but will save your hands when you go into the inevitable berserk rage.
  • A good way of making the game more enjoyable is to rotate your entire team. When you are going about, don't move anyone on the sphere grid until everyone has gained 5 spheres. So, you use Auron, Tidus and Yuna, until they get to 5 spheres, then use a different team, or move your teammembers around, making sure everyone gets 5 before you move. It lets you know that everyone is of equal power, and it saves you time in the long run, as you aren't going to the sphere grid every single time you get a level up. I found all of my team members useful this way, and it made the game a lot more enjoyable and satisfying. Previous Final Fantasies tell you how high your level is, FFX doesn't. This system lets you know that in a gaming session, you have progressed everyone up.
  • A character only gains experience if the character takes an action in battle. Defending is the action with the fastest animation. Get in the habit, in every battle, of whittling down the enemy and then swapping in your reserves so they can defend. That will keep your party even in terms of sphere grid progression.
  • The HD version allows you to select which Sphere Grid (this game's leveling system) you want to use. The Standard Grid has more nodes in it and requires less grinding for node keys.
  • Yuna's summons scale after her stats and are very powerful. Do not stress unlocking skills for them as the game's tutorial demonstrates. That is more useful much later in the game when you are farming particularly annoying arena monsters.
  • Tidus' Overdrives unlock based on times used. Wakka's unlock from winning Blitzball Tournaments. Khimari must use his "Lancet" skill to unlock monster skills for his Overdrive. Auron's unlock from collecting Jecht Spheres. The rest do not require unlocking tiers.
  • Rikku's Mix Overdrive is very powerful. Mid to late game you should be using her Mix to revive team members, restoring everyone's mana, protecting your party with all-Null elements, and doing damage to all enemies. Endgame to late endgame you will want to start looking into Quartet of 9's recipe for Waka or Tidus' multihit Overdrives to do ridiculous damage.
  • Valefor, Yuna's first Aeon, has two Overdrives. The second Overdrive, Energy Blast, can be unlocked in Besaid Village after speaking to a little girl and her dog.
  • There are two missable enemy skills that can only be gained from Khimari's solo battle.
  • The first Blitzball game you play is winnable. There is a trophy/achievement for doing so, otherwise there are no penalties or rewards.
  • Blitzball can be cheesed as there's a deadzone where the AI will not follow. Go inside any of the nets behind the goalie. After you score, you can wait here running down the clock and passing the ball between your closest players.
  • Geosgaeno has a chance to drop a No-Encounter weapon making it the easiest way to get that ability. He's the fish boss that traps your team in his stomach cage.
  • The Arena is going to be your best place to farm for materials and levels. Do not worry about this until endgame. You will need capture gear that has 3 additional slots for you to customize.
  • The Super Bosses in the game require some minor min/maxing. Know that there is a hardcap of 255 for all stats so try not to add too many of the same stat into blank nodes. If you're using the Standard Board, don't worry about deleting a Strength 3 for a Strength 4 as there are plenty of nodes.
  • Luck Spheres are rare and require farming the arena. 114 Luck is needed to hit one of the secret bosses.
  • First you have to tell Yojimbo that you want to "Defeat the most powerful of enemies". Then you have to offer him specific amounts of Gil. First Offer: 125,001. Second: 125,002. Third: 150,003.
  • When you summon Yojimbo, never pay less than 1025 gil. This will guarantee that you will always gain "Compatibility" with him and increase the chances of him using Zanmato more often.
  • Yojimbo's Zanmato works on bosses, but requires you to pay more for it. Grand Summoning Yojimbo and paying 66,000 gil at most is your safest bet.
  • The fastest way for endgame leveling is to create a weapon with Overdrive to AP, Double/Triple AP, equipping Overdrive from self damage, and to fight Don Tonberry. Fighting One-Eye will drop the Triple AP weapons making this an easier pill to swallow.