Graveyard Keeper

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  • Blue xp mostly comes from researching body parts and such on the church basement's study desk. If you need science just make a bunch of paper out of corpse skin and pump those into the desk. Later the best source is to make piles of medium tier stone grave markers.
  • Chests will provide items for the crafting areas that they are located in, example is that any chest in the working area outside the house will give to the furnaces and saws, but not to the nearby garden. The storage area below the house can be filled up with chests if you really want to but they don't provide to the rest of everything. Mostly it's just used for wine making casks.
  • Bodies are a bit complex and checking the wiki is advised (same with alchemy, do NOT try to guess the patterns yourself) but as a rule of thumb you want to pull out the blood and fat of every body you get. Other parts either increase red skulls or randomly will give big adds or big removals depending on the part. One note is that the brains and intestines don't stack so just grind them up as you take them out. Basically you want to look at each corpse and see how many skulls it has total. Take out the fat and blood of the ones that are decent (at least three white skulls and minimal reds) and just harvest the ones that are crap. You don't want to bury every body because if they only have one or two white skulls (or God forbid none) they will barely add anything to your graveyard and will eventually just need to he exhumed.
  • Despite what he says, the tavern keeper will trade your burial certificates for cash. A lot of people mistakenly assume they have to unlock the church first.
  • Shops restock their supplies over time. Until they restock, the more you buy the higher the price. Buy only what you need when it comes to basics like nails and iron parts, and your money will stretch further.
  • There’s no real time pressure to the game, just scheduling issues to meeting certain NPCs and handling corpses. In fact, traveling to meet certain NPCs is the biggest time sink. Leave early.