Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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Note: This page is for the 2002 game, not the 2018 entry HITMAN™ 2

  • To increase your available weapons, you need to carry them out of missions which permanently adds them to your collection. The mission must be cleared from start to finish for the unlocks to count.
  • Your first two 'Silent Assassin' mission ratings also unlock two new weapons. You can unlock a third one by getting 'Silent Assassin' in all four St. Petersburg missions early in the game.
  • Generally you only get to change your equipment when heading to a new country rather than between each mission, but replaying a cleared mission allows you to bring whatever you want.
  • Both running and sneaking tend to draw a lot of suspicion if someone sees you. Stick to walking when in disguise and near enemies.
  • Your only non-lethal weapon is the Anaesthetic. Keep in mind that even when you use a full dose (hold down the weapon button) the enemy is only knocked down for a few minutes.
  • Even if a knocked out guard wakes up naked after you've taken his clothes and weapon, he usually won't raise a full-blown alarm unless you go near him again.
  • Some levels suffer from the "psychic guards" phenomenon. Specifically, when a knocked out guard wakes up, all enemies in a radius around your current position may suddenly turn hostile. If this happens, reload and try staying far away from enemies when your victim wakes up.
  • Entering and exiting the map screen often skips 47's animations which can be abused in a few ways such as changing clothes or preparing the Anaesthetic instantly.
  • There is a very good weapon hidden in the last map in Russia. There is a useful silent pistol that can pass through metal detectors in the last Japan mission.
  • The "Hidden Valley" mission is infamous for a serious bug that can screw up a Silent Assassin run: sometimes a guard will walk in front of a truck in the underground tunnels and be killed, ruining your ranking. If this happens, be ready to restart the map.