Monster Hunter: World

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  • Try out the different weapon types before you commit. Most people tend to use bow as a secondary since it's very useful against certain hunts.
  • Ranged Weapons don't require sharpening, instead they rely on ammo types.
  • Weapons have different tiers of sharpness that will reduce with use. Higher levels deal more damage than the ones below.
  • Mounting requires you to attack while jumping. Mountable monsters have an armor threshold that you must break before they become mountbale. After a mount, that armor resets and goes up.
  • Holding R1 while moving will make jumping to vines easier and is an alternative to sprinting with L3.
  • Look for yellow Wedge Beetles hanging on overhanging tree branches as you can "use" these to swing yourself to different locations.
  • Trapping monsters requires a pit trap or a shock trap (much easier to make), and 2 tranquilizer bombs or tranquilizer ammo. This can only be done when a monster is near death (has skulls on their map icon) and is easier to pull off when they return to their nest to sleep.
  • Pinning map icons with R3 will give you a trail to your target.
  • Poison weapons are strong starting weapons, but eventually you will want to move on to owning an element of each type.
  • Yellow damage numbers are critical hits. Hitting any weak point will display these numbers.
  • Affinity is your critical damage stat. Blue damage numbers means you're hitting below the standard threshold.
  • Monster parts you don't pick up or carve will eventually despawn.
  • You cannot capture Elder Dragons. Instead, place explosive barrels on them when they sleep.
  • Elder Seal is a condition that will nullify or remove buffs/gimmicks on Elder Dragons after so many hits with your weapon.
  • Your sling is very important. If a monster is flying, chances are you can use a flash-pod to bring them down or pelt them on their face to stun them.
  • Shooting a monster with dung will chase them off.
  • Gear with parentheses surrounding elemental damage means it requires the armor skill "Free Elem" before it's useable.
  • Your Palico can get new tools/gear. Look for Doodles during an expedition. This means there's a cat tribe you can discover so you can get new tools. The last two will require a guide (knife and bomb).
  • You can fish with your net.
  • Use items, use the environment, abuse small ledges, kick frogs, etc
  • You can create equipment loadouts and customize your item bar in the item poach menu.
  • Don't forget to re-sharpen your sword during boss hunts. I stopped doing damage to that big-headed thing in the swamp and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong for about 10 minutes, then re-sharpened my sword and killed it in like 5 more hits.