Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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  • Physical/Special is no longer tied to the attack’s type. They’re now all determined individually.
  • Fairy type is a new one. They’re strong against Fighting, Dark, and Dragon but match poorly with Poison, Steel, and Fire.
  • TMs are now unlimited use
  • HMs are out as of Sun/Moon. There are now “ride pokemon” you call to do HM-ey things. The moves still exist but aren’t unremovable anymore.
  • Pokepelago (which you can access after the third trial) is now the place to grind out EVs, berries, and evolution stones. Save up your lil pokebeans so you can get everything except the hot springs up to level 3 sooner rather than later.
  • Online stuff is now on the go with Festival Plaza. Local trading and battling, and online trading and battling are still around, and there’s some kinda poorly thought-out festival booth gimmick there too that you can probably ignore unless you’re into dyeing your clothes or whatever.
  • Protags wear clothes now.
  • Playing the grooming game will raise a pokemon’s affection, which in turn gives it an experience bonus, lets it spontaneously shrug off status effects, hold on at 1hp, and so on. It takes 3 rainbow pokebeans or approx. 10,000,000 regular ones to get it to max.
  • As far as Missable Ultra Pokemon go, I think they’re all tied into the story (mostly toward the end or postgame) and are pretty clearly telegraphed, but the only one that really sneaks up on you is Tapu Koko. The story changes in Ultra Sun so may want to look up where you fight it so you can be prepared.