Prey (2017)

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  • Do the main quest line until you get the Psychoscope so you can start researching Typhons, once you get it explore wherever the hell you want. Talos I is fairly open with only a few plot related gates
  • Get the "increased recycling yields" and inventory size upgrade neuromods ASAP
  • The two most useful Typhon abilities are Mimic Matter 1 and Psychoshock. Mimic Matter is used to get into rooms with the indestructible slats with the small opening at the bottom or stuff where it's too hard to aim with the nerf gun. Psychoshock is useful against the stronger Typhons as it disables their psi-abilities AND makes them susceptible to other damage types
  • The GLOO cannon can make stairs to get to hard to reach places
  • The nerf gun can be used to interact with computers and override buttons from a distance and through broken windows
  • The GLOO cannon and nerf gun can also be used to kill cystoids and their nests
  • Upgrade the shotgun first (especially its firepower) to make combat more bearable
  • Recycle grenades can be used to bypass objects that have a Leverage requirement