Rage 2

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  • Levelling Dr. Kvasir's quest-line up to level 7 will unlock a vehicle that makes getting around the map easier. You might want to focus on this if you don't enjoy the "getting around the map" part.
  • The PC controls for using the powers are a bit fiddly - in the options you can bind each of the four powers to an "instant cast" key, which lets you skip the "Hold down ctrl and then press another key" business.
  • There are upgrades which show you the proximity pink chests and data pads, which can be useful if you're getting annoyed at all of the collectibles hidden away in bases.
  • Shooting wooden crates is easier than meleeing them, which often needs to be done more than once.
  • Make sure to use Overdrive often - it recharges very quickly in a fight.
  • You repair your car by standing at the front, where there's a control panel that opens up, and focusing.