Spider-Man (2018)

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  • Go through the story until you unlock all of the minigames and side stuff, then wander as much as you want. At the very least you want to unlock the towers so you can fast travel.
  • Web enemies that are on the ground or those that you can kick into objects to stick them there.
  • The gadgets are useful but the game isn't hard enough that they are mandatory, so pick whatever suit and upgrade paths you want.
  • If you care about getting Platinum use your challenge tokens to buy all the suits before upgrading any of your gadgets. Getting Gold on challenges is hard as hell, but you can get Platinum with mostly Silvers as long as you prioritize suits.
  • Get the upgrade that improves your Spider-Sense ASAP. Its super useful.
  • The map does a great job laying everything required for each district. You might to want chase crimes as they pop up since you have to do a minimum amount for each district and it'll feel like even more of a grind if you put it off too much.
  • If/when the QTE prompts start feeling annoying, you can disable them and the puzzles in the option menus.