Thea: The Awakening

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  • Don't have too many crafters. You'll always want your best crafter making you expensive stuff, and your gatherers will struggle to get them enough materials.
  • Horos is a great god if you find night time annoying.
  • There is a bulk button on the dismantle button. I wish I had noticed that long before I did.
  • If you want to go right through to the end of the giants quest, attracting elves to your settlement as early as possible by building with elven wood will be very helpful indeed. (Because they do piercing damage with axes.)
  • The larger your population gets, the less likely it is that your children will grow up. So if you've attracted lowlevel beasts to your settlement you might want to send them out alone to die. (If you are a hard hearted monster.)
  • The more diverse your party's members, the more options you'll have in any quest, so don't keep all your weedy characters at home.