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  • It is possible to permanently lose out on clues by pissing people off. It's not usually a huge deal, but it's a good idea to choose your words carefully.
  • Unlocking all clues for a character (specifically the pillars of community) can offer you alternative ways of solving main quests relating to them. However, those unlocked ways are not automatically guaranteed to be the ideal solution. Use your judgement.
  • Many sidequests have two ways of solving them, which can in turn determine whether you get certain clues. Always check the questlog for your options before turning one in.
  • Your Mesmerise ability, which gates what people you can chomp down on, is automatically leveled up at certain points in the story.
  • Killing a named NPC will always lower the stability of a district in the short term, even if they were total assholes who had it coming.
  • Any time you rest to spend XP, time will advance and people may get sick, which lowers district stability. Make sure not to rest too often, or the new sicknesses may get over your head. Waiting until you've banked a couple thousand XP is usually a good idea.
  • Endurance is probably the most important stat for combat. Make sure to invest into it early on.
  • It's a good idea to have all four types of damage (Melee, Ranged, Blood, and Shadow) available, since most enemies tend to have resistances against some of them.
  • Bite is very powerful. If you find yourself struggling with combat, improving Bite damage and using a stunning weapon is a strong option.
  • Don't bother buying Milton's shotgun, it's kind of a downgrade from the regular shotgun.