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  • The demo is the entire first chapter (around two hours of gameplay), the save data should also carry over into the full game.
  • There are no missable collectables or items.
  • As far as I've been able to find, difficulty only adjusts numbers. I think this includes drop rates but there's no changes to the ending.
  • Playing on hard, every single chapter felt like a huge difficulty bump, levelling out by the end. That's normal.
  • Following Chapter 2, you should jump over the Bar to find the fast travel item.
  • The fast travel item doesn't work while you're inside of a chapter, but any time you can access the scales in your house it will work.
  • One of the craftable accessories in chapter 4 gives you another double jump. It's worth grinding to craft this before you start chapter 5.
  • It took me 3 chapters to realize this, but you can attack and move while an item is being used, so if there's an opening there's no reason to stop being aggressive while you heal.
  • While you're using a possession skill all enemy attacks are nullified rather than hitting you - it's worth using a possession slot on something that keeps you transformed for a while just for the sake of healing
  • The game will still be introducing mechanics and systems until the last dungeon. If you're having trouble with any specific one then there are books in your inventory that will update to include explanations on all of them.
  • The Libra system is slightly obtuse, you need to balance the scales but if two items have the same attribute bonus then that bonus will cancel out. Attribute bonuses of differing qualities (easily identified by text colour) will not cancel each other out, "Poison Resistance" and "Poison Resistance (Great)" can coexist.
  • The Grow system (which is functionally a sphere grid) is where you'll unlock new Possessions (your magic), upgrade your stats, and unlock some optional weapons. It's gated by Chapter so if you come up against a Lock node, it'll likely clear after the next act break.
  • Filling a weapon, armor, or shields experience bar will grant you a new Karon ability, these are key to survival so switching up equipment to unlock new abilities is recommended.
  • The first Light spell you unlock, Moonlight, remains viable for much of the game.