Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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  • The game rewards (or "rewards") exploration. Check nooks and crannies and what's hiding behind those stacks of stuff you can move.
  • Early on, try to get the technique of quickly opening and closing doors down pat before you end up in a situation where you'll need it. I think instead of moving the mouse, you hit RMB instead and it'll shove the door in the direction you're facing?
  • Between the containers you can collect and the barrels that you can tap, Oil is plentiful early on. However, save the Oil containers you find as the Oil barrels become scarce later and at that point you're reliant on Oil containers to keep your Lantern lit.
  • Sanity drain is usually telegraphed by either distorted vision, persistent unpleasant noises, or both, depending on what's causing it. Making progress and avoiding disturbing stuff can keep your sanity high, and you can recover sanity by standing near a light for a long time though doing it that way won't get your sanity past "slight headache" status.
  • The water monster loves meat.
  • You can break a certain window with a chair or something, at one point.
  • You also need to use a needle on a body on a table later, which was pretty obscure.
  • Otherwise, just be on the lookout for physics-manipulable things, and plow forwards.