Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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  • Nearly everything on the island is movable later, including all buildings and even cliffs and rivers. The main things that are fixed are the stuff on the border of the island (river mouths, beaches, rocks/peninsulae, the dock and the airport) and the resident services plaza, so picking your island layout should be based around that primarily.
  • The starting week or so is a bit slow and tutorialized, with a lot of things unlocking day to day. Try to do everything you can as they're presented to you to keep things moving (particularly: donating critters, building the museum/shop, and building the three new villager houses). You'll need 30 iron (as well as some other materials) to build the shop and a little more to build houses the next day, so save up!
  • If you want a bit of a jumpstart, after day 2 you can travel to other player's towns and buy recipes for tools you don't have yet from their shops. You'll get them pretty quickly during the tutorial, but if you're impatient (or just want to get across the river to build stuff there instead of moving it later) you can do that.
  • Eating fruit is important, but so is not eating fruit: if you have food in your stomach, you can transplant trees by digging them up with your shovel but you can also break any rocks on your island by doing the same. If you haven't eaten, you can instead get up to eight items from any rock by digging holes to keep yourself from being pushed away and whacking the rock as fast as you can. Rocks do respawn (at a rate of 1/day), but as they're your main source of iron/gold you don't want to go breaking everything you see.
  • To get the Able Sisters to move in, you'll have to build the shop first. Mabel will appear in the following days, and you'll want to spend a bunch of bells buying clothes to make her think moving in will be a good investment. If you've spent at least 5k (this number is fuzzy, so go over if you have spare cash) she should talk about moving the next day you see her.