Assassin's Creed Syndicate

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  • Usual advice of synchronizing with viewpoints ASAP.
  • Ignore side missions and collectibles until you get the zipline. The city is designed around having it and you can get it early - trying to navigate without it is a slog. You need it to grab some collectibles as well.
  • Enemies have levels. Try to keep your skills and equipment more or less up to date and do the lower level neighbors first, otherwise the enemies become massive slabs of HP.
  • Getting X number of kills in a particular way will give you a permanent perk. You can check what the requirements are somewhere in your progress menu. Many of these are worth the effort.
  • Stealth skills make a difference, same with skills that cause more damage to enemies. Tool skills are less useful unless you're going for style points.
  • You can make good money quickly by hijacking carts that spawn near your delivery point. It'll take a bit to unlock, though. You may have to do a mission for a thief questgiver to unlock the activity first.
  • The skill that prevents enemies from aggroing and the one that lets you loot people you assassinate automatically are huge QoL improvements.
  • Missing Noisemaker bombs from older games? Throw a knife at a wall or the ground. The sound of it hitting will draw Blighters just fine.
  • If you want an easy way to get at Bounty Hunt targets, make them panic from a distance. Send in Rooks to beat up their nearby buddies, or make some noise. They'll book it for a cart to try and make a getaway, giving you a much easier time for a discreet tackle and kidnapping.
  • If you are trying to be subtle while kidnapping, bear in mind that your detection radius while you have a hostage depends on your walking speed. Don't just walk at a brisk pace, walk as slow as you can and the radius will drop to just shy of your PC and the hostage.
  • Any kills made by the Rooks don't count against you for optional / mandatory "don't kill anyone" mission objectives. You can exploit the hell out of this.
  • Smoke bombs aren't just for getaways. Anything you do inside the smoke is invisible, so get creative if you need to run past a few guards or grab a chest or something.
  • Max out your throwing knives. Headshots always kill even the Level 10 guys, and just throwing them about makes any fight easier.
  • Baron Jordan's Finery gives Jacob a much-needed inventory boost, and the Sea Silk necessary for it is in the Locked Crate on a boat in the Thames. It's right beside the Fight Club onboard a boat. If you get the DLC Ezio outfit it has the same effect with no crafting required though.
  • Play as Evie in the Fight Club if you want to see some obscenely brutal finishers that would make Wei Shen back away in horror.
  • Once an enemy runs out of health and is stumbling about, they're basically helpless. You can just move on and pummel someone else. The time you save on not performing long execution combos will pay off, particularly when you're trying to keep escorted NPCs alive.
  • Before you do the Dreadful Crimes, go to the Ubisoft Club and get the Huntsman Outfit for Jacob for free. When you see it, you'll understand why
    It's Sherlock Holmes' outfit
    . The buff effect for it expands the Eagle Sight radius by 20%, which is exceedingly useful for spotting clues to boot.
  • Looking to make a ton of money? Once you've gotten everything else, endgame fight clubs are the place to grind.