Atomic Heart

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  • This is subjective, but consider using the Russian dub. There is something very off with the English voice acting. To me at least, the English actors just didn't match at all the characters they were portraying and the acting comes off kinda goofy and tongue-in-cheek which makes the plot seem equally silly. Not to say it isn't silly, but the Russian voice cast captures the tone of the world better.
  • The difficulty is divisive. Personally, I found it pretty easy on Armageddon and was swimming in excess resources, ammo, and healing by midgame. Conversely, a lot of people online claim it is crushing and unforgiving even on the lowest difficulty. If you're finding it hard make sure you are actually using your abilities and trying to take advantage of enemy weaknesses and resistances you learn from scanning.
  • All the powers are workable, and having Shock as a default ability was a good idea. Personally I used Frostbite and Mass Telekinesis almost the entire game. Frostbite is good for disabling enemies temporarily as well as the extra damage from being frozen. There is also an upgrade to get more resources from frozen enemies.
  • Mass Telekinesis is just great overall for crowd control, plus there are tonnes of sections with weak flying enemies that can seem overwhelming but become trivial with the ground slam upgrade. Since respecs are free experiment to find what feels best with your play style.
  • You can beat 90% of the game using only melee weapons. They are incredibly powerful once upgraded and combined with various powers. Guns were good in a pinch and I kept a variety of options, but it often felt like a waste of time to do anything other than use melee weapons and the special abilities tied to that. Like re-specing your character, you get any resources returned to you for recycling your weapons so switching builds and trying new weapons as you unlock better attachments is easy.
  • Don't miss the Test Chambers. They have all the best attachments and some of the best content in the game.
  • To throw an object, pick it up with your glove then, very quickly, release the button and press it again before the object drops. At this point you can continue to hold the button to charge the throw. Don't be too excited, most stuff barely goes anywhere. Cardboard boxes are the only thing that goes more than a few feet. Damage seems to be the same regardless of what you throw.