Avernum 3: Ruined World

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  • This version has Traits, which are extra bonuses for your characters, take your time in choosing and plan them around the character you want to build. For example, I have 4 levels of Swordmage on my dedicated Mage so I can equip heavy armor and still cast spells. The health and mana traits are useful since at late game they end up being better than points in Endurance.
  • The Junk Bag is your friend, it's "unlimited" item storage that's available at all times. No need to drop items in towns to save for later. Careful about clicking the "Sell All in Bag" option at vendors though.
  • Along with that, collect pretty much everything you can that has value for either quests or selling purposes. You can't close doors to steal as easily in the older games, but if you can move your characters in a way so they can't be seen by any NPCs, you can still steal items.
  • Weight only counts for what the character is wearing, not in their pack.
  • Everyone should have a level in Priest for Minor Healing and Curing. Having your frontline able to heal themselves will allow to you save energy on your mages so they can cast bigger spells.
  • Dual wielding is very powerful. You may want to consider two dual wielders instead of a melee specialist and pole specialist.
  • Battle Disciplines are also very powerful if used correctly. For example, getting your weapon skills up to 15 on your mages seems pointless, but Adrenaline Rush will put your AP at 20 for one round, which is enough for 3 full actions at the start of battle. This means you can have your mage Haste the party, Slow the enemy and either damage the enemy or try to Daze them all in the same turn.