Azure Striker Gunvolt

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  • The game has several language options, two of which are labeled as "English" One of these ("English - Japanese voice mode") is a redone translation that restores content cut from the initial localization. The Steam version to date still defaults to the inferior version, and many new players simply don't think to change it assuming the default settings are sufficient.
  • When using the preferred translation, dialogue and voice acting will play out in the middle of gameplay, with a somewhat-disruptive textbox and character portrait covering the bottom and right side of the screen. The Select button on 3DS (or equivalents on Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox) can be used to change the transparency of these textboxes to make them less obtrusive, but its recommended to be attentive to these textboxes for the sake of characterization and story.
  • The game features a "True ending" route that's only accessible through finding a hidden "jewel" in each of the game's seven main stages, then equipping the item rewarded for collecting them all before playing the final stage and defeating the final boss.
  • By default, the player character (Gunvolt) is equipped with an item called the "Prevasion Chain", which enables an optional mechanic called Prevasion. Put simply, Prevasion makes it so attacks deplete Gunvolt's level of electricity instead of their health, and as a result you're only able to actually take damage playing the game if Gunvolt runs out of electricity (with some exceptions). This is an easy mode in the form of an equippable item, and unequipping it gives the game a more balanced difficulty.