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  • You can ignore the little videos about how you need to organize the cards in your deck so that the more useful effects can be put sooner or later in your playthrough. As of now, all cards in your deck are considered played and you can just go for it.
  • Originally, you had to complete Act 1 in order to unlock Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee. As far as I'm aware of, this is no longer the case. The last four Cleaners (Heng, Sharice, "Prophet" Dan, and Tala) are with the DLC.
  • Each Cleaner has a personal card that gives them a special ability, a passive, and also provides a benefit for the team. For example, Evangelo has a free breakout from grabs on a 60 second cooldown as his ability, +25% stamina regen as his passive, and gives the team +5% move speed.
  • Starting out, the game expects you to play on Recruit in order to build up supply points in order to spend on supply point tracks, which contain cards as well as cosmetics. Keep in mind that some cards are given as rewards for accomplishments, such as getting 500 lifetime kills with a weapon or performing certain actions on the field.
  • You will want to have a decent balance of cards so that you can have a smoother time. Generally speaking, Reflex cards are about moving fast and performing actions quickly; Discipline cards are for dealing damage efficiently; Brawn is for staying alive against the many things out to kill you; and Fortune has things related to gaining copper and carrying things. Again, there are some cards that fall under these classifications that seem like they might belong elsewhere (Run and Gun [shooting while sprinting] counting as a Fortune card when it seems like it would be under Reflex), but you get used to it.
  • Certain cards have a good ability attached while also possessing a drawback of some kind. This kind of drawback could even be the disabling of a specific function you have. For example, Quick Kill gives you +50% accuracy, but you are no longer allowed to use Aim Down Sights. It should go without saying, but maybe don't use this with something like a sniper rifle unless you have the cards necessary to make it not an issue for you.
  • After each stage completed, you get an influx of copper to spend at the chest before venturing outside. Make sure you only take what you have to and save some for later because you can find new cards on the field and they cost 500 copper a pop.
  • Birds can be destroyed with grenades so that they do not trigger a horde. This also applies to the Bait Jar, presumably because it is bile. I have not tested with a Smoke Grenade, so that's up to you, but everything else is fair game.
  • There are three boss-type Ridden in the game that can appear at any point in the campaign as well as fixed points. The Ogre is a giant who can toss pus balls at you and may also crush you to death if you are careless. The Breaker functions like Left 4 Dead's Tank except there are boils for you to shoot and they do not have the ability to lob debris at you, but they can force you to fight in an area that will damage you if you step outside of it. The Hag is like the Witch if you piss it off, except its only attack is a grab that is an instant kill if you/your team does not deal enough damage to shake it off. All three have weak points, so just keep calm and play it smart when any of them are on the field.
  • If you are planning on playing on your own, there's two main things to know: Your team's AI is gonna be really stupid at spots and eerily competent at others, and that you just have to make it to the exit and you can shut the door on them to end the stage with them outside without incurring any kind of penalty.
  • Act 4 is really dumb. Find a party you trust or look up ways to get through it painlessly on your own if you must.