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  • You can play 5 cards even if not all of them count towards the points. e.g. if you play 2 pairs, you can play a 5th card as well. This is a useful way to discard some cards from your hand without using a discard.
  • The jokers at the top of the screen apply their effects in order from left to right. So e.g. if you have a "+4 multiplier" joker, and then a "x1.5 multiplier", you probably want the +4 to the left and the x1.5 to the right, so it multiplies a higher number, etc.
  • The cards you play are also triggered in order. If e.g. you have a joker which triggers when you play a specific card, you might want to have that specific card earlier or later in the played hand.
  • Here are what packs and cards in the shop do:
    • Celestial (planet cards): upgrade hands so you get more chips and a higher multiplier when you play that hand.
    • Arcana (tarot cards): modify cards in your deck.
    • Spectral cards: modifies cards in your deck, often where the reward is paired with a punishment.
    • Standard pack: lets you add some cards to your deck.