Batman: Arkham Knight

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  • Unless you really love the game or are insanely OCD (like me, on both counts) don't bother trying to 100% the game doing things you don't enjoy. Yes, I believe you get a little extra thing at the end, but it's no big deal and you can easily watch it on Youtube.
  • Almost all of the batsuit upgrades are great, so make them a priority (save the divebomb ones for last). Make sure to get the twin and triple aimed batarangs from the gadget upgrades early since they are needed to help solve a lot of puzzles. I found most of the other gadget upgrades underwhelming. Also, early on get the special combo boost from the combat line (lets you do insta takedowns and special abilities at a combo of x5 instead of x8, one of the best skills in the game really). I also think critical strikes from the combat tree is important.
  • Early on don't worry too much about upgrading the batmobile, but later on it becomes pretty important and the health upgrades are a must along with the 'double boost dodge'. Also, the 'super eject' isn't really necessary but it's fun as hell.
  • If you are stuck on a Riddler puzzle there is a chance you don't have the gadget necessary to beat it yet (think Metroid or Castlevania). Just come back to it later, you'll have plenty of time. Also, if you are crazy like me and want to solve all the Riddler puzzles make sure to use detective vision to scan the streets for 'green' thugs (Riddler informants), they will unlock the location of riddles on your map. Also, more and more stuff is unlocked as you progress in the main story.
  • Some combat situations later in the game can seem kind of impossible, but that's typically the games way of saying ' you need to be in the batmobile here' and part of the puzzle might be finding a way to get the batmobile there to wreck shit up.
  • Under 'gadget tech' almost all of the 'disrupter' upgrades are really useful, particularly if you are like me and love to play full on 'stealth' mode as much as possible. I didn't bother with the other gadgets too much.
  • The big annoyance with 100% is Riddler Puzzles, but unless you aren't doing the ones you find as you go, it should take like maybe 4 hours to hunt them all down
  • To alleviate that Riddler stuff carries over into NG+, so if you do that, then it won't be much of a thing
  • Riddler Informants sometimes don't spawn unless you've been fighting random street thugs, so do that if you're having trouble finding one
  • Visit the police evidence lock up when you get a chance, there's something there for you
  • When you visit Robin there's something for you that's completely optional but helpful on a table to the left as you enter the room
  • One particular annoying puzzle involves a LOT of targets and a pressure pad for the Batmobile, look behind you and up and you should be able to figure it out, otherwise it seems juuuuuust out of reach and can be super frustrating
  • The Batmobile stuff is sorta front loaded, so if you're hating it at the start it eventually gets less and less required usage. If you like it like me though then you can continue using it a bunch.
  • Go into options and look around for something like Battle Mode Toggle I think, makes the Batmobile controls more sane, e.g. triggers for acceleration/braking, and battle mode is a toggle instead of a hold.
  • The drift button for corners: use it before the turn and just tap it, I find that makes it easier to make a 90° turn
  • Battle mode can be used to stop the Batmobile instantly
  • One of the characters that randomly shows up throughout the game usually says 3 quips before going away (this is vague on purpose and it'll make sense later, also it's not like important but if you like them it's worth it to hang around for a few seconds).
  • Oh, side mission things don't immediately give you the location, but will after enough time has passed or something, however you can still happen across them. It's sorta weird and sometimes it's something you can figure out but yeah, it's not like a glitch or anything.
  • The police helicopters can often point you to side missions and things. Sometimes you will hear something like 'there is a bank robbery in process' over the radio, and there will be a police helicopter with a spotlight on the bank in question. This is never really spelled out for you, but it can be helpful.