Battle Chasers: Nightwar

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  • Spec Gully for Tanking, and never remove her from your party. A lot of enemies in mid - to late game can do high spike damage, and if they hit a squishy character it's a one hit kill.
  • Always bring one healer (the golem at first, though later you get a guy in a mask who's much better) and one damager (Garrison, or the lady)
  • The old guy is sort of a hybrid healer and damager, he's not worth using unless you're not bringing Gully, and you should always bring Gully.
  • I'm about 80% of the way through the game, and it has never forced me to use a particular character. Yet. I guess it might in the future.
  • Get used to using Overcharge instead of spending mana, later on you get powerful buffs that scale off how much Overcharge you spend
  • You get global passives by killing X number of creatures, usually this equates to doing each dungeon twice.
  • At first, crafting can only be done in dungeons by finding randomly placed workstations. Later on, you'll unlock all the crafting stations in the main town.
  • Buffs and Debuffs usually last X number of turns. If you use a spell instead of a normal attack, then both you choosing the spell AND launching it count as 1 turn. This means that buffs, debuffs and DoTs go twice as fast if you use a lot of spells.
  • This game can be quite hard, you need to pay attention to how your characters synergize with each other or you can get stomped, especially later in the game. For synergies, it usually means trying to stack things. Like, if one character has a spell that always crits if an enemy is Sundered, then you want to pair them with a character that can apply Sundered. The 3rd character might have a damage boosting spell, which you can cast too, to maximize your hit.