Beyond Divinity

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  • Save often and in multiple slots as the game might be prone to crashing.
  • Magic builds will have a much harder time at the beginning as the good spells don't really become available until act 2, and even those don't scale too well.
  • The game doesn't display the effects of the various charms you can slot into items, so you might want to look them up.
  • Skill points are fairly limited and you don't want to waste them, though you can unlearn skills for a price.
  • You'll eventually get access to temporarily summonable party members who do not level up with experience but rather need to be upgraded via the corresponding skill. They do get outleveled pretty fast but have one use handy for any kind of character: springing traps.
  • A bugged quest near the end of the game where a merchant asks you to get him an amulet has a chance of corrupting your save upon completion.