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  • Blood is a notoriously difficult game, don't feel ashamed to play on a lower difficulty.
  • The Fresh Supply re-release comes with all of the expansion levels that were released after Blood's original release.
  • Crouching is key to combat, it'll let you duck under many projectile attacks and it lessens the chance you'll be hit by hit-scan weapons.
  • The axe zombies have a fakeout death animation, either learn their actual death scream or watch for their head to pop-off.
  • The shotgun primary fire will consistently trigger the axe zombies fakeout death making it one of the worst ways to deal with them. The alternative fire, on the other hand, will consistently kill a zombie from close-medium range and is an excellent way to deal with them.
  • Gargoyles will stay in the air until you're underneath them.
  • Mash the use key to remove the choking hand.
  • Every weapon except for the pitchfork has an alternate fire.
  • The flare gun's alt-fire is functionally a napalm launcher and is extremely powerful against groups of enemies. It also uses 8 ammo.
  • The dynamite bundle's alt-fire lets you bounce the dynamite off walls to get around corners, it'll blow up in your hand if you wait too long too throw it however.
  • If there's a slope into water then the bonefish will try to follow you out and die instantly.
  • Hellhounds will chase you into water which will kill them instantly. This can also be done with gargoyles but the chances of them following you in are much less.
  • Map the health kit and jump boots to convenient keys as you'll need them more often than any other item.
  • You can turn off the jump boots as soon as you press the jump key to preserve their energy. Be careful however as jump boots grant you immunity to fall damage, so turn them back on before you land if you're worried.
  • A single flare is enough to kill cultists and axe zombies on most difficulties, though it'll take time for them to fully ignite.
  • The TNT is your best friend in the game. The game is filled to the brim with robe-wearing enemies that can hit you perfectly across a level with a fast-firing Tommy Gun, but they usually die if they're anywhere near TNT blowing up. Primary fire makes it explode on impact, while secondary is like your average grenade. You can make your toss go further by holding down either fire key. Generally what you should be doing is quickly darting into an area to see if there are any of the robed guys are nearby. If they are, quickly toss a TNT bundle at them. If they're hitting you, get away from their line of sight so that they have to reposition, then quickly go back out and toss a TNT bundle at them.
  • The Flare Gun is a one-hit kill if it manages to get stuck on a robed guy and it has perfect accuracy. Also, it makes enemies go through a hilariously over-the-top (but awesome) death animation, which is worth it alone.
  • Episode 2 introduces the Remote Detonated TNT bundles and Proximity TNT bundles. Use the Remote ones like regular TNT, or toss one into a room/corner you haven't checked out get to blow up any robed guys that may be hiding. Proximity sucks.
  • The Voodoo Doll and Tesla Cannon can wreck bosses/strong enemies up with little difficulty.
  • The Episode 1 boss is the hardest in the game, mostly because you don't have anything really powerful, like the Voodoo Doll. My best suggestion for that asshole is to hit him with the Flare Gun's alt fire, then hit him with everything else. It's usually enough to kill him.
  • The "on-fire" death animation and gibs are incredible. Try to trigger them as much as possible because they make the game really satisfying to play, even though it's filled with bullshit design decisions like the robed guys.