Bowser's Fury

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  • An island won't be set up for the next shine you can collect there until you've left the island and come back. It's safest to go to another island to get it to reset.
  • Every lighthouse has five shines to collect, as shown by the holes running up the front of the lighthouse.
  • If an island changes as you leave and come back, cat shines shards might not all be available until the island is in its final form.
  • Each shine you collect puts a ground-poundable power-up at the top of the lighthouse, if you need to top up.
  • Even if you collect all of the Shines in a section of the world map, you need to fight Bowser with the giant cat bell to open up the next section.
  • The giant cat bells respawn in the fight with Bowser. If you're turned back into regular Mario there should be one available somewhere on the map.
  • The blocks with Bowser's face on them can only be broken by Bowser's fire-breathing attack.
  • After you beat the final battle the remaining shines will be revealed to you on the map.