Boyfriend Dungeon

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  • You can fill the relationship meter with every character in a single playthrough. Polyamory is encouraged.
  • If you don't wish to pursue a romantic relationship with a weapon, you're still able to max out the relationship meter as friends.
  • Reaching the maximum relationship level with one weapon will grant you a 2x boost to all experience with the others.
  • Once you've reached the maximum relationship level with one weapon the relationship experience gained with others overflows so you can grind out multiple levels in a single dungeon run.
  • Once you hit level 6 with a weapon and start getting the ability to stack multiple levels worth of experience, you can USUALLY do multiple dates right after one another, but if they stop texting even though you've got their love meter filled out hop into the dunj and they'll text once you're out.
  • Don't feel like you NEED to give a present every chance you get - there's usually a chance to give a gift on every dunj floor, and you might not want to give something to someone if it would suit someone else better.
  • There's a content warning at the top of the game warning you that the game contains discussion of stalking and abuse. This is core to the story, so be wary of that before you jump in. some people decided that wasn't talking about them and ended up having a bad time when it turned out it very much was for them.
  • Crafted gifts can only be used once, however some purchased gifts can be re-bought and used again.
  • Matching gifts to a weapons personality grants extra experience.
  • Some characters won't continue texting until you've read their most recent message.
  • The "point of no return" is clear.
  • There are no missable collectables.
  • Hats can grant bonuses (i.e. carry extra healing items, always see the exit on the map, ect.) but clothes are only ever cosmetic.
  • You can leave the dungeon without dying using the elevator found at the start of some floors.
  • There are secret areas in the dungeons. Watch for cracks in the walls that leak blue light, they can be destroyed with a few hits.
  • Keep an eye on the mansion in the northeast of the city map. An event will appear with no notification so it's easy to overlook.