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  • This game is great with a Xbox 360 controller. This is rather obvious considering it's console roots, but I'd still like to point it out.
  • Once you've completed a class, you no longer have to attend and you won't be chased for truancy. It's worthwhile to be a good student first, so you can focus on the missions later on without being hassled.
  • If English isn't your first language, just use a FAQ or anagram generator for English class. It will just be frustrating otherwise.
  • Your reward for completing Geography classes is that the map will point out the collectibles. No need to use a FAQ for those!
  • Shop class is pretty trial and error and you will mess up the rotations. A lot.
  • The timing for Shop class is kind of goofy. Just give yourself a second to register what the button/motion they want is, and then start doing it. Art, Shop, Gym and Geography are the classes you really, really want to pass early. The upgrades for all 4 are exceedingly useful. Especially Art, which lets you double your health for free almost anytime when you ace it.
  • The only thing you can miss out on in the game is "The Big Prank" mission during Halloween. For everything else, you always have a second shot.
  • Try and smash all the Halloween decorations when they first show up. You get a second chance, but it's not as fun.
  • Keep your ears open. Half of the game's humor comes from what you hear from random characters as they walk by.
  • Let people hit you and arrange it so prefects will see it so they will tackle kids.
  • Each group will end up hating you and get reinforcements, so don't fight every single battle.
  • If you let the day run out you might lose your shoes and maybe worthless junk. Your clothes will be back at your changing station. Sleeping isn't so important.
  • Take your time with school work as your running around will end up hurting you in the long run when you aren't as prepared for outside work.
  • Girls are a source of extra health when you have flowers and if they like you enough to kiss you.
  • You can redo failed money missions.
  • You can skitch on cars and trucks. It's a poor man's way into town, but it's a neat feature.
  • You don't have to go to class the moment it starts. If you are doing some odd job or collecting, pick a fight with a prefect and you will teleport to class.
  • Your outfit will determine if certain girls will like you enough to refill your health if you took enough classes. The later ninja outfits have a bonus but everyone will laugh at you.
  • Don't grind carnival tickets for the moped, as tempting as it seems. It's very cool, but ultimately not very useful and cops will give chase unless you wear a dorky looking helmet you can't take off at will. Just ride the fastest bicycles instead.