Chained Echoes

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  • Check your overdrive bar constantly to not overheat. Use skills that become yellow/orange to reduce progress into overheating. And switch when needed.
  • Having 10+ snacks and angel wings early on will help you in a pinch.
  • Use LT for xbox controllers during combat to enter speed up mode. L button on keyboards. There are two versions. >> = fast, >>> = fastest. And base mode which makes the speed normal. You can see this in the top left hand corner.
  • In Act 1. Town of Basil. Look for a small farm on the southern side.
  • Don’t need to worry about completing side quests early on. You’ll get there.
  • Upgrading and imbuing armor/weapons is worth it. But it can be tedious early on. Not really required, but recommended if you need an edge.
  • If you’re having a tough time with fights. You may need to upgrade your weapons/armor and imbue them with crystals.
  • If fighting a unique monster you can actually flee from combat. Useful if you’re not prepared
  • If a unique monster isn’t showing up, try re-entering the zone. Some monsters have unique requirements to show up. For further hints visit the nearby NPC in a zone.
  • Doesn’t hurt to switch a unit. There are no downsides.
  • More often than not. Each new location with enemies will have a class emblem. Go out of your way to find the route to them.
  • Game does have
    hidden areas
    to traverse so check walls.
  • Check reward board often to finish multiple tasks when you’re currently in an area. Sometimes you can’t finish all the tasks in a given area until returning later. This also applies to uncovering everything in a map. You may need to return later.
  • Sidequests are worth doing.
  • Remember the buried treasure tutorial. A lot of treasures can be useful and don't take a lot of time to find/figure out.
  • Big gray chests contain
    sky armor items.
    So get them.
  • Gold chests are special. Are also worth getting.
  • This is for later in Act 2 when you unlock
    recruits later on.
    Visit a bit south of the island to get a
    fortune teller.
    Head back and save beforehand. Then buy the hints. Reload to save money. Game will still let you find them even if you didn’t buy the hints. Worth it to find
  • When you see the continent of Valandis and a paragraph of texts. You most likely finished an act. Check your achievements to verify. Your save files don’t even indicate what Act you’re currently on.