Chicory: A Colorful Tale

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  • The accessibility settings have an option to set a uniform font if you're having issues with character specific ones.
  • Holding down the paint/erase button will slowly fill/erase the space.
  • Your brush will "catch" on thick borders so colouring in manually is easier.
  • There's no mechanical reason to colour in the screens but doing so can cause NPCs to appear and compliment the job you did. It also makes the map much prettier.
  • You can create a gif of a screens history from the start menu.
  • Dialogue doesn't repeat, if you can talk to someone then it will be a unique line.
  • No collectables or side quests are missable.
  • Every collectable has some form of in-game hint feature to let you know the region it's hidden in.
  • If you're missing a collectable and you're not getting anymore hints for it's location, it's a reward for a side quest.
  • Most areas will have at least one collectable gated behind a power-up from later in the game, if you're aiming for 100% then you'll need to circle back at the end of the game.
  • There's 20 art classes so if you're planning on completing them all, revisit the school after every chapter to prevent an end of game grind.
  • You can continue playing after the credits.
  • When given the option to pick your own objective, I'd recommend starting in the top left of the map and then going counter-clockwise.
  • After the credits a new side quest will become available and NPCs will have unique dialogue.