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  • The items you can exchange valuables for called "<NPC Name's> Ichor" that say they increase your maximum Ichor, are not permanent increases. They are buff items to use if you want to top off your capacity before a boss without backstabbing dudes on the way.
  • Related: You will be able to buy Valuables with a repeatable-item-drop a few hours in, so don't feel like they're truly limited trade items. Also different items are worth different amounts of points (1-5) for different people, you can Google a guide if you really care about optimizing it.
  • Even if items share the same weapon class, they may operate differently; a broadsword and katana are both one-handed swords, but their attack patterns are wildly different. Very very relevant to this is that there are spears, which are polearms with a much better attack pattern than the big beefy halberds and shit.
  • Early-tier crafting materials drop like candy. Upgrade anything you want to at least +6/+7 without fear of running out of mats.
  • The fastest roll is a dash that you don't have recovery/standing-up time from. It's most easily reached by using a spell (Hasten) from one of the earlier class unlocks, and is well worth prioritizing for a number of boss fights.
  • ALWAYS LOOK OFF THE SIDE OF LEDGES. Like a third of the secret areas and even progression I've found by mid-game maps is from little drop-falls.