Contraband Police

  • The game will give you a pistol for free before you need one, so there's no need to buy it with your limited early-game funds.
  • You get more money the more complete your inspection is, particularly if somebody's got several reasons to be refused
  • You can transfer items directly from your warehouse to your vehicle by clicking the little car icon in the top left of the warehouse interface
  • The starting vehicle is good enough to last you through the whole game if you want it to, especially if you upgrade it
  • For finding contraband: Aside from the marked containers you need to bust open, it can also be found out in the open stuffed in little nooks and corners of the car
  • When you arrest somebody outside of the checkpoint (e.g. a runaway smuggler), they will be put in your car. Don't forget to transfer them into your prison once you get back, or else they'll run off overnight
  • You can change the game day's realtime duration in the options if you want a more relaxed or more urgent playstyle