Crown Trick

  • Secret walls exist, reveal them by hitting them from 1 square away (even if your range is longer). Once you know they're a thing that exist, they're easy-ish to pick out from their surroundings.
  • If a skill says it targets "enemies" in an area, it will not directly hit you if you're in the area of effect. If it says anything else, you're fair game, and spells that do a splash after they hit an enemy can still splash to you regardless (or drop a ground effect under you). This can be especially useful for effects that push or pull enemies, as you can drop it on right on top of you and move the enemies without worrying about taking yourself for a ride.
  • Weapons that deal more than one hit, such as dual blades or certain weapon affixes that have a chance for an extra attack do not multiply the amount of bonus Break damage you do. If your attack is listed as doing three Break damage, the first attack will do 3 Break, and all subsequent attacks will do one each. Two hits would do 4 total Break, 3 hits would 5, etc.