Cruelty Squad

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  • It's a hard game and you will die a lot, particularly if you take chances in the levels.
  • When you die enough times (1 and then 4 deaths IIRC) some stuff is gonna happen. It's the game adjusting your difficulty down. There's easy ways to change the difficulty later in the game.
  • Headshots and exploiting the enemy AI with corners and doors are king strats. Headshots with the silenced pistol are even kinglier since it won't alert other enemies.
  • One of the best implants for when you don't know the levels is the glasses that make you see NPCs' life force as little dots through walls because you won't run into them and get shredded.
  • Avoiding enemies is as legit as killing them. The game has no preference for how you play it as long as you beat the level. The levels are chock full of shortcuts and secrets and more options open up with the more biomods you unlock.
  • Some enemies seem unkillable. They are not, you just need to bring something heavier. There's a rocket launcher in Paradise that will help you, a lot, in the beginning of the game when you first encounter these kinds of enemies, if you choose to fight them.
  • There's a lot of secrets in the game. the hidden levels are the best ones.
  • Talk to everyone, including your targets, if you wanna find out what is going on.