Crysis 2

  • As fun as the ground slam perk might be, a far better use of nanopoints are the skills that save your energy, rather than deplete it in one go.
  • Aliens are more vulnerable from behind (the tendrils).
  • Aliens use similar tactics to humans, but you have to beat them in a different way. Using mobility and getting up close and personal is a great way if you have a shotgun.
  • One of the best ways to fight heavies is to find the sweet spot between where they can melee you and where they can shoot you. If you keep moving they can't really attack you. Use armor.
  • Armor and Stealth are both very useful, but remember that as soon as you fire out of stealth your energy goes to zero right away.
  • Stealth kills do not drain energy.
  • The perk that lets you see bullet paths is extremely useful for messy fights.