Cult of the Lamb

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  • Plants seem to always return their seeds after harvest so don't be afraid to plant a big farm. Also, get a farm going.
  • Throwing up as a side effect of a meal is not bad so long as you are there to clean up. Pooping is a bonus for harvests. The food side effect you have to watch out for is sickness, since it takes pawns out of commission.
  • Cultists will eventually get old and die, so its good to have ways to make them still useful once they get feeble and can't work anymore. Sacrificing them is good, but it has a huge cooldown. Getting the revive skill as your first choice after taking down the first boss is a good way to burn through them.
  • Holding down a button on your gamepad when in the cult will fast forward time. On switch I believe it is X, not sure about other systems.


  • Your dodge roll is 50 feet long for a reason, a lot of the game is hit and run, especially using a sword or axe. Its also total i-frames. Comboing enemies will generally prevent them from hitting you back as well.
  • Swords and axes are just better at killing than daggers or fists, you aren't just bad with them. If you're forced to use the fists then it's good form to shadowbox just out of range of an enemy for the first two swings and then do a big hit with the actually damaging third swing.
  • If you get low on health then start mowing down the scenery in levels, especially around shopkeepers. Often you can recover from a single heart to full health over just a few screens.
  • Shopkeepers, both tarot and weapon, will have signature decorations around the path leading to their room.