Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

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  • Go in blind. Enjoy the ride. You can replay chapters if you really want.
  • There is a postgame mode like in some version of Dangan Ronpa 1 where you can farm up all the chatting scenes.
  • Some of the minigames have changed, so read the instructions.
  • The weird Monomi minigame you unlock gets more stages as you clear the game, mostly just for it's own fun and some monocoins.
  • The tamogachi minigame can unlock a couple of skills if you want to look up a guide for that. (The steam guide was pretty focus and unspoilery IIRC).
  • There's a vending machine in the convenience store that lets you buy unlimited amounts of a limited range of gifts, if you just want to give SOMETHING and the capsule machine is too slow and chunky.