Dark Cloud

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  • Don't let your weapons break. When you hear that alarm, fix them or get out of the dungeon.
  • Save often. Do it.
  • Trouble with a georama puzzle? Make sure you've unlocked all the pieces. If you're still having trouble, just look up a solution. Keep in mind that there may be more than one solution to any given map. There are a few maps in which either the clues are really vague or the placement of a particular item must be perfect. If you can't figure it out, don't stress out over it, just look it up.
  • Some georama puzzles can't be solved until you talk to everyone in town to figure out all the clues, so don't go hog-wild with the strategy guides right from the start.
  • There are squares in the dungeons that you can choose to step on in order to trigger an event. Sometimes, it's a good thing. Sometimes, it's a bad thing. I usually step on them all, but it's worth noting that no harm will come to you if you choose to ignore them.