Death Stranding

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  • Holding l2 and r2 everywhere makes you never stumble or fall.
  • Postponing side missions until episode 3 is a good idea
  • Try to place your ladders in such a way that the top of the ladder is roughly flush with the ground, because Sam will jump down and faceplant even if the ladder is 20 feet off the ground.
  • Ladders are almost more useful as impromptu bridges than as climbing aids. You can use them to cross both bodies of water and just generally rough terrain. You can even balance a vehicle over them, if you're careful. Always carry ladders.
  • It's also worth carrying a climbing anchor; apparently one item has three charges so it's good to keep one on hand in case you come across any sheer drops that you want to trivialize, you can get a lot of mileage out of that 5kg of cargo.
  • There's a super exhaustive tips section in the menu of every tutorial thing plus some other stuff
  • You need to stop moving to see/scan BTs
  • People's routes get shared and form desire paths, makes it a bit easier to travel and also know where to say build a bridge or whatever
  • The delivery time stat only goes up if a delivery is timed and at least so far I haven't seen a lot of those (my highest stat at the moment is like 60ish, delivery time is 12~15)
  • Item descriptions sometimes have additional info about how to use things as well
  • Participate with the online aspects, check for cargo to deliver in the share locker, give items, literally mash the like button, etc.
  • As early as Chapter 3, you can steal a truck from mules. Do it. It makes things way easier. You can't park mule trucks in the garage, but park them under shelter to make them last longer.