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  • The general rule is that if you can't find a code for a safe or puzzle in the immediate vicinity, leave and come back when the quest indicators tell you to. This especially applies to the puzzles to get people in the same room together, you'll be pulling hints from all over the timeline, and there are some puzzles that *look* like the solution is diagramed out for you in the room but it's just a red herring.
  • You don't need a copy of a Slab equipped in order to get upgrades for it to drop, and you don't need to have infused it either; you just need to have picked it up once. This means that even if a given Slab doesn't appeal to you, at least pick it up (and then pick your old one back up) so that on subsequent kills you can still get the upgrades, which you can infuse or sacrifice as you wish.
  • Don't bother infusing the double jump. You can consume it at the end of each round for an extra chunk of change and it will come back automatically at the start of each round.