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  • Randoms in multiplayer are extremely chill and friendly to newbies, don't hesitate to join or host games
  • For solo play your robo buddy is extremely powerful, just ping on anything you want it to mine/carry/shoot/illuminate
  • Ping minerals you can't reach, big baddies, mushROOOMS or anything else you think the team should know about
  • The 4 classes each have complimentary abilities that help each other out and make positive vibes
    • As Scout, always be lighting up new caverns with your flare gun and keep the area lit when there's a swarm attacking. Your grappling hook is excellent for getting to out of the way minerals and saving fallen (sometimes literally) dwarfs.
    • Engineer throws up platforms for the Scout to get those hard to reach minerals and creates firing platforms/cover or just steps to scale vertical walls. Remember to keep reloading your turrets, they can really rack up some kills when placed well and stocked. An upgrade to platforms makes monsters try to avoid them, which you can use to control their pathing.
    • Gunner throws up ziplines for crossing caverns which double as aerial firing platforms. Always be shooting.
    • Driller is clutch for clearing sightlines and making holes but they can do so much more. If a buddy is downed and surrounded, dig a tunnel underneath their corpse to rez them in safety. Dig a tunnel straight towards the escape pod at the end of long missions so nobody gets lost in the maze. Get creative!
  • Hazard 4 and 5 are huge jumps in difficulty, beware. Haz 2 and 3 are standard, haz 1 is extremely casual
  • Don't stress about unlocks and season content, they all end up in the pool of random rewards you get when opening lost crates and packs - The DLCs are all cosmetics that don't end up in the random pools, basically just there if you want to throw a little money at the devs.
  • Some events require a key that you get after completing an assignment unlocked at level 25.
  • When you pay for an upgrade for a weapon, you never have to pay for it again. For example, two extremely common tier 1 upgrades are "More damage" and "More ammo". You can only use one at a time, but if you buy both you can switch between them whenever you're at the space rig. Don't be afraid to spend your money!
  • Your mining pick doubles as your melee attack.
  • Essentially every wall and floor can be dug through with your pickaxe, not just dirt walls or resource nodes and not just as the driller class. Climb cliffs by digging out a staircase or tunnel your way up, clear sight lines for defending against swarms or tunnel directly into that new room on your map instead of looking for a premade entryway that may not exist. The class abilities are faster and easier, but there are options if you want to save resources or find yourself on your own/lost. This does mean you can potentially tunnel straight to the escape pod at the end of a run if you want, but there will be bugs chewing on you from behind if the tunnel’s too long and you don’t have a bodyguard,
  • Bringing up the laser pointer will highlight teammates and objectives through the cave walls. You can also press the use button to make a personal waypoint that's handy for marking tunnel entrances and will last longer than the regular laser call outs.
  • Some of the early missions ask to find resources like alien eggs or elements in low quantities. These'll be buried in the walls. Look for weird alien vines for the eggs and gem-speckled areas for the elements.
  • Friendly fire is on, so watch your shots and avoid standing in those of your teammates.