Demon's Souls

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  • Learn by dying. When you die, think about what you did wrong, and don't do it again.
  • Don't grind unless you're really close to affording something. It will make the game tedious and less fun, and you'll get souls much faster by exploring new areas.
  • You're going to lose lots of souls. Don't stress out over it, you'll get more in no time. You can avoid losing large numbers of souls by spending as many as you can before going somewhere dangerous, and by only using the soldier's and hero's soul items when you're close to affording something.
  • You can do the levels in any order (after you beat the first boss). If one level is giving you too much trouble, another one might be more susceptible to your strengths, or you might find something that will help you in the level that was stonewalling you.
  • The Demon's Soul items dropped by bosses can be traded for unique weapons and magic. Don't use them unless you're sure they're no good to you.