Dishonored 2

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  • Black Market Shops: Make sure you find one in every area before the proper mission and buy what you need and do special side quests. Also you should investigate if you are low on money how you can get the items in other ways...
  • Powers: Don't be an idiot like me and realize that once you get powers you can buy new ones with runes - I thought you could only update with runes and you would get powers as you played.
  • Important Power: The agility power up that improves your jump is AWESOME - it gives you a high double jump that helps not only to reach higher places but you can chain it with Blink / Far Reach to get to even higher places.
  • Bonecharms: Crafting is incredibly useful, I waited till last quarter of game to really explore the crafting bonecharm mechanism but once you can chain like 4 "traits" it can get pretty useful.
  • Stealth: Verticality is the king if you want to be stealthy - make sure you are above the enemies at all times because it is far easier to stay out of line of sight. On the ground enemies are extremely quick to catch you, but it's fun to lay off the quick load and just play with what happens if you get caught.