Don't Starve

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  • Charcoal is needed for a lot of very important food-production recipes but the method to get it is not very clear. To get it, you need to burn down a living tree then cut it once the fire's gone out. So get like ~6-10 pinecones, plant a small stand of trees isolated from anything else the fire could spread to, wait for them to grow out of the sapling stage, then equip a torch and right-click on one. This will give you charcoal you can use to make crock pots and drying racks to make dried meat, which is a very good staple food - restores a good amount of hunger and health, restores some sanity, and takes an extremely long time to spoil.
  • Catch butterflies with the bug net and use them to plant fields of flowers near your house. These will spawn more butterflies for you that you can either keep catching to plant more or kill for a pretty good healing item and a small chance at a rare cooking ingredient that also makes an extremely good healing item.
  • Make some bee boxes (you'll need to catch some bees with the bug net and break a hive to get a honeycomb) and put it near the flowers; being near them makes them produce honey much faster, and honey is used in a bunch of the best crock pot recipes.
  • Try to make a bird cage and catch a bird; you can feed the bird cooked monster meat to turn it into eggs, which you can either cook for food, let rot to make gunpowder (handy for some trap-based strategies) or make bacon and eggs and some other crock pot stuff.
  • If you hear growling, get somewhere with nothing flammable, and pull out your best weapon and armor.
  • Winter comes at about day 20, be prepared.
  • Rabbits are a goddamn perfect resource, giving both food and warmth. Park your base somewhere within easy reach of a bunch of rabbit burrows.
  • Always have a torch available. Not just because it keeps you safe from the dark, but also because if you're about to freeze to death
    you can set a tree on fire.
  • Live rabbits don't spoil, so store them until you need them.
  • You can trap spiders, which makes clearing out nests easier early on.
  • Starting out you want to find gold (for the science machine) and poop (for farming). You can get manure from beefalo or by giving pigmen food.
  • Your first order of business should be wandering around and picking up sticks, rocks, and grass while looking for a good place to set up your first base. Somewhere near rabbit holes is never a bad choice, as they're a consistent, combat-free source of food.
  • Food is almost universally better cooked than raw. The only exception, IIRC, is carrots.
  • If you're starving to death and you have to eat Monster Meat, cook it first.
  • When deciding where to settle, keep in mind that while trees can be transplanted easily, but transplanting grass or twigs takes fertilizer.
  • Farms stop growing new plants in winter, but plants that have already sprouted can stay there indefinitely without rotting.
  • Make a science machine and a crockpot ASAP. You can get coal for it by
    starting a forest fire
    . Stuffing it full of meat and plants will make Meatballs, which will be your staple food for a good while.
  • If you put more than one Monster Meat and/or Durian in a crockpot, you'll get Monster Lasagna no matter what.
  • Make some drying racks, too. Jerky can hang there indefinitely and even once you remove it, it takes forever to spoil.