Doom 3

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  • Learn to use the PDA as soon as you get it. All codes for cabinets are found on other PDA's, either in the e-mails, or voice logs. You don't want to miss the goodies in the cabinets.
  • The game does not pause while you're using your PDA, only use it when you're absolutely sure nothing is around.
  • There's plenty of ammunition in the game, but switch the weapons from time to time. If you use one or two the whole time, you will run out of ammo for it. While we're at it, the shotgun and the rifle will probably be the two most used weapons. Get used to them both, the shotgun is 1-shotting most things within melee range, while the rifle is really weak, but accurate. Go for full body shots with the shotgun, and headshots with the rifle.
  • Bind your flashlight to RMB, and chainsaw to F. You're going to use the flashlight all the time, and from time to time will need to use the chainsaw. Easier to push F than 0.
  • Enemies will come from all sides. See a dark corner? There's probably an imp there. A small vent shaft? Expect spiders. Look back, the enemies often spawn behind you.
  • Smacking enemies with the flashlight actually does considerable damage. Use it when enemies are too close, but you don't got time to ready another weapon. Kills zombies in 2 hits.