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  • I've not noticed any specs or classes being bad enough that you should avoid them. I'm a bit unclear on how some of the rogue specializations work with bows, specifically how well Assassin combos with a bow, but then I've not tried it personally. From the DA thread, everything more or less seems to work. Besides, respecs are cheap (sold by the blacksmith), though bear in mind that you cannot undo your chosen specialization, only the points put into it.
  • Speaking of specializations, you need to run a certain war table mission in Skyhold to get the trainers to show up.
  • Don't be afraid to advance the plot. The areas you open up, stay open after you go on the next plot mission, so clearing all areas before advancing isn't required to avoid missing stuff.
  • Always bring a warrior, a rogue and a mage in your party for general exploring, in order to be able to open/interact with the class-specific things (break walls, pick locks, light veilfire torches respectively).
  • On the PC, you can avoid waiting for missions to complete by simply setting your computer clock forward and restarting the game.
  • The "extra dialogue" perks come up quite infrequently, and you probably wouldn't miss them. They can make a difference though (one let me recruit an agent I wouldn't otherwise get, another gave me a compromise option during a judgement, that might have otherwise pissed some of the companions off). I'm still not sure they are worth a perk, but YMMV. You can expect to unlock 9-12 perks over a game, depending on how much side content you do.
  • Agents you recruit show up in the perks list, and they count towards the "need X points in this category" requirements of other perks.
  • Judging by the DA thread, the dwarf PC doesn't get as many race-specific dialogue options as the elf or the qunari.
  • The only missable quests I've found are a couple in the Hinterlands, dealing with the Mage and Templar Stringhold in Witchwood and by the river respectively. These go away after you side with either faction. Everything else stays around up until the final Point of No Return. That point is also very clearly signposted so you cannot miss it.
  • Starting the game, I would make a point of completing the first mission in Val Royeux right away, as it opens up 4 more companions; Sera, Vivienne, Iron Bull and Blackwall.
  • If you play even halfway completionist, you will have more Power than you can ever spend. That means that completing requisitions is just a waste of crafting materials (aside from a small handful of story related ones that are very obvious).
  • You can complete a few of the companion personal quests without actually having the companion in your party (f.inst. finding Grey Warden memorabilia for Blackwall), but you get much less approval if you do.
  • The dialogue perks are a bit more useful than the wiki tip suggests. I usually pick them up as the first 4 levels. They let you add a bit of flavour, let you avoid a few "lesser of two evils" choices by giving you a third option, and give you a bit more flexibility with your party when recruiting agents (normally to recruit someone you have to have the right companion along OR have the right perk, and it can be hard to guess who the right companion is). Also you pick up a lot of Codex entries and the extra xp adds up.
  • You can usually start considering hunting dragons at around level 13-14. The Ferelden dragons are generally a bit easier than the Orlais ones. Bring Iron Bull along for the first one.
  • Unless you go out of your way to piss someone off, you can usually quite easily deal with having a few Disapproves or even Greatly Disapproves along the way without having them leave.
  • The choice of the next Divine is something you get to influence eventually, but there is no specific point at which you do. It depends on your general attitude towards the Chantry and the Circles throughout the game, and how much you favour reform over returning to how things were.
  • On the final leg of the "In Your Heart Shall Burn" quest, there is a small timed segment where you rescue villagers under attack. As soon as the quest text update to mention someone by name, you should hurry to find them, otherwise they die. Listen for calls for help.