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  • Sacrificing 2 flys at once in the temple instantly completes the current research item. Very useful for some of the later spells that take forever to complete. 2 Beetles completes the current trap/door as well.
  • Certain creatures (like spiders/flys and warlocks/vampires) hate each other and will fight if they have to share a lair. Build a small secondary lair for these guys. Especially if you're converting heros. This happens in 2 as well, but the creatures just get unhappy rather then fight.
  • Once you have the prison, set your creatures to stun enemies rather then kill and torture the ones you imprison. They reveal the fog of war and convert to your side (you might need to keep healing/feeding chickens for stronger creatures)
  • Boulder traps are very powerful in a narrow corridor but don't discriminate between friend and foe.
  • If the horned reaper is getting angry (and he will), place him in the temple to pray and drop a little money on him, he'll calm down.