Dungeons 3

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  • This game is very much in the style of Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius, so planning your base to include hallways is a must. Rooms cannot touch and are less efficient if they aren't enclosed by walls and a door. Multiple doors is perfectly fine.
  • Invading Heroes will head straight for your Dungeon Heart, stopping to wreck stuff on the way. You can quite easily make a circuitous path that will heavily delay them, like most tower defense style games.
  • Traps work extremely well, to the point where you won't need defenders at all, but will wear down over time and must be replaced. Orcs and Goblins are the only units that can build them.
  • Eventually you will get access to a Graveyard, Prison, and Guard Room. You can throw defeated Heroes into the Graveyard or Prison to turn them into Zombies or Skeletal Archers, respectively. Both of these units are best suited to guard duty, as they're sorta bad on the overworld, but as undead, they auto resurrect if they die.
  • Every map has at least one Diamond node in it. This is an infinite resource for money. If you just want to play around and make the fanciest dungeon possible, you can.
  • Titan units don't take up space in your unit limit. Titans also require a 4x4 space for their bunk.
  • A few room types work well next to each other. Workshop, Tinkerer's Cave, Arcanium, Chamber of Relaxation, and Sinister Laboratory. Those rooms make and use the same resources in some combination, so the less time your Little Snots have to run around, the better.
  • Similarly, putting the Prison as close to where Heroes tend to die is ideal, as the Little Snots spend less time dragging them in it.
  • Conversely, the Lecture Hall can be in the ass end of your dungeon, as there are no resources required and no workers needed in it. Save prime real estate for something useful.
  • F2 picks up every combat unit in your dungeon. Holding down right mouse will drop them all at once.
  • Holding down left mouse when casting a spell will charge it up to increase the duration or power.
  • Getting the Evil generating points on the overworld sooner rather than later is probably a good idea.
  • In the build menu, if you hover over the icon for a room or trap, the tool-tip will tell you almost everything you need to know about it. For rooms, this will include the size of any equipment that is required for it to function, whether the equipment is automatically built or requires player intervention and how much stuff it can store per tile (if applicable).